Workshop Confidentiality Agreement

If the workshop is cancelled by Mary Gilkerson Studio, the full workshop fee will be reimbursed. Other ways to establish group agreements may be more appropriate for shorter meetings or workshops or for groups that do not deal with emotional or controversial topics. Finally, you must seek agreement on all points of the whole group. And don`t forget that newcomers or infirmities didn`t agree, so take the time to explain and ask for their consent to the agreement (you can always do it in one break). If you want to change it, you have a discussion with the whole group until everyone agrees. There are many ways to create group agreements. To decide to use them, you can consider some of the following: whether the group will work together in the longer term, what is the controversy over the topic of the meeting or workshop, how long you have and how much confidence the group has in you as a mediator. Verbally, recorded. At the beginning of the workshop, while registration is made on and before the disclosure of confidential information, we ask each participant to promise everyone else that they will respect this agreement.

Making these decisions as a group is much more effective than having a mediator who imposes « rules » for all. In addition, citizens are much more likely to respect and implement an agreement to which they have contributed. It`s going to make your job as an intermediary a lot easier. In case of problem or conflict, you can use this agreement (for example.B. We all agreed at the beginning that it was better for one person to speak at the same time…). For groups working together over a long period of time, it may be worth spending a little more time developing a longer-term group agreement. You can use a process like the one described below. Although the time of a group agreement sometimes seems a little frustrating, you gain that time later. This makes your event much more fluid. If you do not indicate that you agree to the terms of this confidentiality agreement, we will withdraw you from the workshop and refund the money you paid. The purpose of this confidentiality agreement is to protect the privacy of the people participating in our workshops. Knowing that everyone has agreed to the terms of this confidentiality agreement, it will be easier for participants to freely discuss personal and business issues at the workshop.

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