University Data Sharing Agreement Template

The submission of data-sharing agreements as part of the EEA data exchange is an important way to improve the ability of researchers, scientists and policy makers to analyze data and translate it into relevant reports and knowledge. Data sharing avoids duplication in data collection and fosters differences in mentality and cooperation, as others are able to use the data to answer questions that initial data collectors may not have taken into account. Second, it avoids miscommunication by the data provider and the authority receiving the data by indicating that data usage issues are being addressed. Before the data is disclosed, the provider and recipient must speak in person or over the phone to discuss data sharing and data usage issues and reach a common communication, which will then be recorded in a data sharing agreement. Data exchange also promotes accountability and transparency, allowing researchers to validate each other`s results. Finally, data from multiple sources can often be combined to allow comparisons across national and departmental boundaries. The University Research Administration requires and verifies data usage agreements (AAAs) for data provided to the UChicago research team by third parties and for data shared by the UChicago research team with third parties — University Research Administration has models for creating an AEA when data is shared with a third party, including unidentified data. Protocol on data transfer and data exchange:If staff need a standard contract for a supplier organisation that works as a data manager on behalf of the university in the UK or in the EEA, it should be a standard contract for any provider that uses services: all reported data must be aggregated and cannot display personal data unless it is approved by the owner or delegate. For more advice on finding a template for data sharing agreements, we advise you to contact Qsis Governance directly. Ideally, these additional concerns should be taken into account in the data exchange agreement, in order to facilitate clear communication and, if necessary, provide additional safeguards: data use agreements (AAUs) will be transmitted through the university research administration to confirm that the terms of the agreement do not restrict the production and dissemination/publication of knowledge or contain other unacceptable concepts. Researchers do not sign a data usage agreement or a restricted data license – these agreements must be signed by the authorized official of the university. Third-party data providers who share data with a UChicago research team should use their models for the data usage agreement. Data shared by UChicago Research Team with third parties should use models that are available on Any ad hoc analysis or other use of data not specified in this Agreement will not be permitted without the prior written consent of the data holder.