Top Uk Government Lawyer Quits Over Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Changes

Sir Jonathan, who is QC, was knighted in December 2019 for his legal services to the government. The tribute paid tribute to his work on constitutional issues and the EU withdrawal agreement. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney warned that the exit from the agreement was « a very reckless path. » It goes without saying that Sir Jonathan Jones, permanent secretary of the Government`s Law Department, was unhappy with a new bill to be introduced on Wednesday. The newspaper reported that Jonathan Jones was resigning following an argument with Johnson`s office over his alleged plans to undermine the withdrawal agreement signed in January with regard to the Northern Ireland Protocol. Jonathan Jones has been head of the government`s legal department since 2014 (Photo: Paul Heartfield/CSW) – This article was amended on September 9, 2020. In an earlier version, it was said that Jessica Simor « sits » in three of the Attorney General`s lawyers; she was on those panels before she was QC. The head of the UK government`s legal department has resigned his anger at Boris Johnson`s proposals to repeal elements of the Brexit withdrawal agreement. BBC editor-in-chief Laura Kuenssberg said Sir Jonathan believed the plans went too far to violate the government`s obligations under international law. He added: « If he cannot stay in the public service, there must be something very lazy about this government. The resignation suggests that senior government officials believe the government is about to break the law. When it emerged on Monday that the government intended to present proposals on Wednesday to give ministers unilateral legal powers to order elements of the Northern Ireland Protocol, the revelation caused great concern, as the agreement was already legally binding.

But European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen warned that Britain could not withdraw its commitments if it wanted to reach a free trade agreement. Boris Johnson`s attempt to change the Northern Ireland Brexit deal has led the head of the government`s legal department to resign. In response to Sir Jonathan`s resignation, shadow prosecutor Lord Charlie Falconer said he was « an impressive lawyer and a loyal public servant. » The dispute comes as Britain and the EU enter their eighth round of talks on Tuesday, just weeks before the end of the transition period. Rowena Collins Rice, executive director of the attorney general`s office, will also step down, the government confirmed on Tuesday. British government officials reportedly told the newspaper that he was backing down out of fear that the Prime Minister might want to bring back part of the Brexit deal on Northern Ireland. Whether you hate the abrasive style of government or love its recklessness, far from seeking a peaceful conclusion to Brexit, the No. 10 still has a lot of fighting to fight. According to information reported on Monday, the government will introduce a new internal market law this week that would « remove the legal force of certain parts of the withdrawal agreement » and allow British ministers to deal with customs issues at the Irish border, when they may be in violation of international law. Her comments came after former Prime Minister Theresa May, who fought several battles to get her own Brexit deal through Parliament, said the UK government had signed the withdrawal agreement with the integrated protocol and had enshrined the measures in law. LONDON (Reuters) – The head of Britain`s legal department has resigned over allegations that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is threatening to highlight the Brexit divorce treaty with the European Union, as reported by the Financial Times on Tuesday.

Sir Jonathan Jones, a lawyer for the Ministry of Finance and permanent secretary of the Government Law Department, was forced to resign this morning.