Subsidy Agreement Template

Download the draft grant contract (excluding state aid) During the implementation of the project, partners who wish to use cost-sharing must sign a cost-sharing agreement. Cost sharing is described in the program manual, Chapter 7.3. Cost-sharing agreement_Method 1_updated in February 2019 .356 KB. The submission of the partnership and grant contract is described in the program manual, Chapter 6.3. During the contract phase, it is necessary to respond to the conditions and recommendations of the follow-up committee regarding the project application. A grant contract can only be entered into when the contractual conditions are met. The partnership agreement must be signed by all project partners. After the signing of the partnership agreement, the management authority enters into a grant contract with the lead partner. After the signing of the grant contract, but before the first request for payment is filed, an agreement must be reached between the lead partner and its project partners. In this partnership agreement, project partners should provide full support to the lead partner to ensure the successful implementation of the project and the quality and achievement of the objectives. The partnership agreement formalizes the sharing of the responsibilities and reciprocal rights of the partners. An example of a partnership agreement is available for download on this site. It is not mandatory for the lead partner and its project partners to adopt the example clauses.

The issues that will be defined in the partnership agreement will depend on the specific needs of each project. This is why the main partner can negotiate the example of the partnership agreement with its project partners. However, the partnership agreement should meet the minimum requirements set out in the program manual. The grant contract is a grant agreement between the contracting authority (management authority and joint secretariat) and the lead partner. It defines the legal framework for budgetary commitment and sets out the conditions for the implementation of projects. After selection by the follow-up committee, the projects enter the contractual phase. This takes months and ends with the signing of the grant contract by the joint management authority/secretariat and the lead partner. .

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