Stud Agreement

Depending on the location, the dam is brought in place of the stud dog and is kept during the breeding period. Discuss with the owner of the stud farm to find out if an additional boarding fee should be paid and that it should be indicated in the contract. When it comes to choosing the right stud farm, it`s due diligence. An ethical breeder tries to improve the breed by producing healthy, fiery, stable, balanced, functional samples. The Canine Stud Service is a process of raising a stud farm and dam in the heat. Although you can indicate that the owner of the dog must reimburse you for the collection costs, there is no reason today with credit cards and FedEx for a breeding dog owner to pay out of pocket for a breeding. If you decide to be reimbursed, you are very clear that veterinary and breeding costs are in addition to the final costs of breeding. But once you have this beloved breeding dog, there is the sticky material of the contracts that you have to consider, and that`s what this article is all about. We take you from the selection of the perfect stud to the production of this contract of dog breeding costs and finally to all the problems that may arise. The service also extends to the purely marginal authorization of a dam that mates with a stud farm.

If you are a stud owner, you will be involved in the inner life of the process from start to finish. For example, you are supposed to guarantee a number of puppies that help dogs mate (if necessary) and maintain the female on an ongoing basis. In addition, the cost of studying varies depending on your breed and the quality of your dog. Dogs with health leave as well as titles will be more desirable, as mentioned above, and will be in higher demand… As a result, their studs will be higher. In addition, I must stress once again that only dogs with desirable characteristics and intervals should be bred. A farm service contract is provided by the owner of the stud farm – it is a written agreement signed between the parent rod and the owner of the dam. The treaty guarantees the success of the breeding and ensures that the two parties that conclude the agreement respect the end of the agreement while protecting the health and well-being of the stud, mother and offspring. The contract must be signed by each owner and clearly state their service rights. If you are suddenly inundated with offers from dam owners, don`t be shy! There`s nothing wrong with raising your prices – if dam owners seriously on raising their mother with your stud, they will usually pay more. Popularity can be instantaneous, or it can occur gradually over time (often once dam owners can see that your stud has produced a strong range of puppies). Change your price accordingly, but be smart; Being too ambitious can lead to a loss of demand for livestock services.

As big as your stud is, it will probably have flaws. Instead of being proactive. Yes, dam owners will want to check your stud to find the ideal mating partner for their dam, but you too should be looking for dams that will fill the gaps in your dog`s genetic profile. If the pregnancy and delivery are successful, the contract must be detailed on the fact that the owner of the stud farm is required to complete the corresponding registration documents and return them to the mother`s owner. The paperwork should confirm when and where the mating took place and that the stud is the father of the puppy throw. If you want to get advice and advice for the first breeders and those who want to enter the dog stud service store, everyone in the comments field below! As you can see, many go into a contract and you should start checking well before you even write it down. Starting with the right stud, not only will ensure that your stud is used, but it also gives you more space to have the contract you want.