Strategic Partnership Agreement Between Us And Afghanistan

« Like a number of countries represented here, the United States and Afghanistan signed a strategic partnership agreement that came into effect four days ago, » he said at the Tokyo conference on Afghanistan. [5] For the partnership to work, the Afghan government must undertake political reforms, including in the fight against corruption, » said Brian Katulis, a national security expert at the Center for American Progress. « Over the past decade, American taxpayers have wasted tens of millions of dollars from a corrupt and inefficient Afghan government, » Katulis said. « Any transition plan must demand more accountability from our Afghan partners. » Afghanistan and the United States signed the BSA, signed by U.S. Ambassador James B. Cunningham and Afghan National Security Advisor Mohammad Hanif adopted on September 30 On September 27, 2014, during a cordial ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan, a bilateral security agreement was reached. [97] [98] [99] On that day, the NATO Status of Forces Agreement was also signed, which provides Allied forces and partner countries with the legal protection necessary to implement NATO`s Resolute Assistance mission after the end of the International Security Assistance Force in 2014. [100] The agreement does not set the number of U.S. forces that will remain, but Afghan President Karzai said on November 21, 2013, that he imagined up to 15,000 NATO troops would be deployed in the country. According to several estimates, the United States plans to maintain a force of more than 10,000 troops in Afghanistan after 2014. The draft agreement allows for a permanent US presence, but Karzai said on November 21, 2013 that it would be in effect for 10 years. .