Investor Clause In Flat Agreement

In many markets like Delhi and Mumbai, large brokers/agents are also doubling as investors. Therefore, it is very likely that your broker/agent is a model investor for the apartment. If you ask who is the owner of the investor`s apartment, this information will never be disclosed until the agreement is concluded. Many readers of this blog indicated that at the time of the deal, they realized that broker/agent was an investor of models. The way it works is that these brokers/agents/agencies book a fixed inventory at a predetermined price by paying a nominal amount. Now they are aggressively pushing to sell at a higher price and make a profit. Builder doesn`t care about the profits of brokers/agents. In a way, it`s good for him. Brokers buy a period of 6-9 months to conclude the agreement. For example, in the case of a friend of mine in Delhi. Indirectly, it may be stamp duty fraud, and in the future, if you sell the dwelling, this may be communicated to the sub-agent.

At that time, you can request payment, so don`t pay anything to the seller. AND ask the seller to get POA from the client to authorize him to sell the apartment, because due to the dose of ownership ATS no more trasfer, and the actual owner is currently the owner. The real estate sales contract is the most important document. It is different from sale deed, although in some cases the sales agreement is registered as « Sale Deed ». The sales contract contains conditions of sale agreed between the seller and the buyer for the sale of real estate. It is legally binding on both parties. It also indicates the date on which the transaction will be concluded. For laymen, the sales contract is a roadmap on how the real estate transaction is concluded. On the other hand, the deed of sale is executed at the time of the actual transfer of ownership, i.e. the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer.

Many investors buy houses with the aim of generating rental income, with a view to eventual resale, in order to take advantage of the capital increase. . . .