How To Accept User Agreement On Lg Tv

However, I receive a message with the message « User agreements cannot be loaded – a server error has occurred… » Google says Android TV as a platform doesn`t run ACR or monitor users of specific content. I bought yesterday an LG 65UH6030 that also can`t load the user agreement. I tried the wired and wireless connection settings without luck. I can use LG`s built-in web browser, so I`m sure the internet connection is active. I noticed that the TV arrives with firmware 3.xx, while the last one is 4.xx. Try to update the firmware, and it also failed. Decryption error. Anyone have a similar problem? As the title suggests, I simply can`t do anything but the browser to work on my brand new lg b9 55 oled TV because it doesn`t load the user agreement. .