Fulton Bank Subordination Agreement

The maturity of subordinated bonds can only be accelerated following a delay event described above. There is no right to accelerate the payment of the principal of the subordinated bonds in the event of a delay in the payment of principal or interest on the subordinated bonds or in the performance of any of our covenants or agreements included in the subordinated bonds, in the subordinated bond or in any of our other obligations or commitments. For the purposes of subordinated bonds, « default » means (i) a default on the principal of subordinated bonds at maturity, whether at maturity, by accelerating the life or otherwise; and (ii) a delay in the payment of interest on bonds subordinated to the thirty-day maturity. Where a delay occurs in the payment of principal or interest on the subordinated bonds and continues under the subordinated loan, the agent and the subordinated bondholders have the right to take direct legal action against us for the recovery of such overdue payment. With the exception of a delay in the payment of principal or interest on subordinated bonds, holders of subordinated bonds have only limited rights to initiate proceedings to enforce the terms of the subordinated bond. If the trustee or subordinated bondholder receives a payment or distribution that is prohibited by the subsequent rules, and if that fact is communicated to the trustee or holder at or before the time of such payment or distribution, the trustee or holders must pay us that money. (1) Includes retreat transactions and short-term promissy notes. 2. Consists of FHLB bonds with an initial term of less than one year.

These securities are our unsecured equity or liabilities and are not savings accounts, deposits or other liabilities, nor insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, nor by any other government agency or instrument, nor the bonds of a bank, nor guaranteed by a bank. the planned phasing out of the London Interbank Interest Rate (LIBOR) as a reference rate; in the case of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings or judicial administration, liquidation, reorganization, dissolution, liquidation, assignment to creditors or other similar proceedings or events that concern us or our assets; Other outside services decreased by $3.7 million, or 32.5%, due to costs related to the consolidation of the company`s banking subsidiaries in the Fulton Bank in the previous period. Marketing expenses also decreased by $1.6 million in 2019, or 54.5%, due to remediation efforts. the ability of companies to manage liquidity both at the level of the holding company and their banking subsidiaries; The subscription agreement provides that the obligations of the various sub-authors are subject to certain conditions precedent, such as.B. the receipt of certificates and legal opinions by the sub-authors and the approval of certain legal cases by their lawyer. The subscription agreement provides that the underwriters acquire all of the subordinated bonds offered below if one of them is purchased. In case of failure of a sub-author, the underwriting contract provides that the purchase obligations of non-standard sub-authors can be increased or that the underwriting contract can be terminated. We have agreed to exempt underwriters and some of their controllers from certain debts, including commitments under the Securities Act, and to contribute to the payments that underwriters must make in respect of those liabilities. Fulton Financial`s largest capital is its 100% banking subsidiary, Fulton Bank, a national banking association.

Columbia Bank, a state-based bank in Maryland Other revenues increased by $1.7 million, resulting from additional investments in bank life insurance in 2019 and profits from the sale of certain real estate. . . .