Child Maintenance Written Agreements Order 1993

Multi-case child fees have the meaning indicated by Stage 3 of the procedure instruction in section 47. (e) the relationship between the payer and the child; (a) that the person is or has been involved in a marriage and that the child was born during the marriage of the person or the other party of the marriage; or (ii) the Tribunal is satisfied that it would be in the interests of the responsible parent and the guardian entitled to family allowances to consider whether, in the particular circumstances of the case, an order should be made by that division with respect to the child; or (2) Where possible after taxation, the clerk must pay the annual rate of child benefit for days during a period of child care from the first day of the next calendar month (after the calendar month in which the clerk predicts taxation). The formulas also help children take care of children. (d) where a parent of the child does not have a home in Australia at the date of application, application meets the requirements of Sections 29A and 29B. (1) If the Clerk accepts a child application in accordance with paragraph 151B (1), despite Section 12 (which deals with the cessation of child care events) (b) (b) if an overseas authority is of the opinion to answer the question that child assistance is appropriate for a child – by the overseas authority on behalf of the person; or (b) a court that makes an order pursuant to Division 4 of Part 7; or (a) the parent`s annual rate of assistance for the child, section 35 or 37 (income of both parents, (1) Where an order under Section 123A or 124 is in effect for a child (whether all things ordered by the order were made or not): b) the amount payable by the parent for all children in the case of child care (except for this section) would be lower than the minimum annual child care rate for assessment child care.