Campaspe Shire Council Enterprise Agreement 2019

Cousins said this year`s Budget Council continued to implement its review of internal procedures. To apply, please send your cover letter, responses to the main selection criteria, CV and a copy of the qualifications/licenses by email to or send to: This is a Volume 8 role in accordance with the Campaspe Shire Council Enterprise Agreement 2019. For more information, please contact Richard Conway, Asset Manager, at (03) 5481 2389. « If a vacancy occurs, the Council has actively checked the position and has taken the opportunity to verify how it provides services more efficiently. » What does that mean? This means that we encourage all staff members to vote NO if the agreement is put to a vote by staff. We need 50% + 1 of all employees who vote to vote NO! This will force management to come back to the table to negotiate in good faith. « The Council has a company agreement and the personnel costs in the proposed budget respect that agreement, » she said. `The future prospects for staff and expenditure set out in the proposed budget reflect the Council`s continued supply of services to the Community. It is proposed that staff represent 40.5 per cent of the planned budget of $79.1 million for 2019/20, 40.4 per cent of the budget of $80.7 million for 2020/2020 and 40.4 per cent of the budget of $82.4 million for 2021/22. A copy of the position description can be on the Council`s website under « Many other boards spend a much higher percentage, » he said. An exciting opportunity awaits an enthusiastic and enthusiastic individual to effectively and effectively lead the Council`s road services team.

We are looking for someone experienced in the development of annual programs and 10 years of capital construction for civil infrastructure, able to monitor compliance with the requirements of the road management plan and to be able to identify and guide the development of processes or initiatives to improve the provision of road and drainage services within the Council. Campaspe Shire Mayor Adiran Weston and Fleur Cousins General Manager of Corporate Services. The Campaspe Shire will fund a 65-metre-long retaining wall next to Murray River and the historic Echuca Wharf. Photo by Luke Hemer. This is in stark contrast to the ever-growing salary package of city councillors, which has increased by 25% in five years. Following Shires` decision to vote for the EA without the agreement and support in principle, the ASU will now, on the instructions of our members, submit the application to the Fair Work Commission so that our members can participate in protected trade union actions. We will be in contact with specific voting instructions once we have submitted the application to the FWC. Mayor Chris Bilkey said the cost reduction was largely due to staff limitations after Murray Shire Council merged with Wakool Shire Council.