Boarding House Contract Agreement Philippines

This room rental agreement is between [owner] (« owner ») and [tenant] (« tenant »). It is a legally binding agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the parties and aims to promote the harmony of budgets. Hello. I have a question. We are new tenants in a subdivision. Before signing a lease with the landlord, he assured us that he would put stickers on our car so that we could enter and exit the 4 access doors to the subdivision. We weren`t too special with the other goals, as they were far away in Cavite. We told him, while checking his house, that it was important for us to have the Southvale door sticker, because it is the door that has the shortest distance to work, and this is what he announced online that his house is 15 minutes from downtown Alabang. He promised us the stickers with the inscription « madali lang yan ».

We signed the contract and paid the 2 months agreed in advance and 1 month of acomphement on March 9th, a total of 24,000 PhP. The contract came into effect on March 13, and that day too we learned from the Home Owners Association that the Southvale Gate only publishes stickers once a year, this year they publish it in September 2012. I wanted to leave the lease because I didn`t want to go to work in public. But the owner promised to get us temporary permission, as Southvale guards told him he could write to the manager and ask for temporary permission. We received our car on March 23rd and the next day we gave the owner all the necessary documents. He confirmed the receipt and said he would submit it the same day. But later in the afternoon, he said he was unable to apply because it was raining and it was too far away. The following week we asked if he had given us permission, but he said the manager was on leave until March 31. We haven`t heard any messages from him about the authorization for more than two weeks, so we texted him on April 17 to ask for permission, as the other gates that allow us to pass for a P10 fee are already in Cavite and an additional 23 km and 35 minutes drive per day per P2.

000 additional gas bills per month. He did not respond. The next day we texted him again to ask for updates on the sticker, he replied that the house manager is still not available and we should only wait for his text……