Ballarat Christian College Enterprise Agreement

After adopting the updated Constitution, college staff were alerted to the expanded document in June 2018, and the following month Ms. Colvin drew the College`s attention to the fact that she did not support the declaration of faith. The college that set up dispute resolution procedures as part of its enterprise agreement, but before they were concluded, the teacher resigned in February 2019. The press release adds: « Ms. Colvin accuses the non-denominational Christian college of discrimination based on its political and religious beliefs, to which, as a Christian, it is considered that same-sex marriage has the same potential as heterosexual marriage to reflect the love of God, if it reflects the love of Jesus who gives life and self-sacrifice. » Other articles were followed in the local Ballarat Courier and The Guardian. The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, has spoken in a story in The Australian and in the Andrew Bolt segment on SkyNews for the school. The story was also covered in other media and in a segment on the Radio National drive program. Hello there, welcome to your account and your subscribers benefits While the outcome of the court hearing is not technically a binding precedent for all subsequent claims, for the courts or for other states and territories, it will be designated by human rights organizations as the expression of the law throughout Australia. Although each case is decided on its merits, if Ms.

Colvin`s assertion is successful, it will almost certainly lead to similar claims across the country. We will continue to keep schools informed of the claims and its evolution. The key issue in this case is the difference in Ms. Colvin`s religious conviction from that of the college. The ability of Christian schools to require staff to fully support the school`s religious beliefs as a Christian learning community is at stake. By ensuring that its declaration of faith was fully consistent with its beliefs, the college did exactly what the religious freedom panel recommended (Recommendation 5) to make public the beliefs of the staff. « God conceived both sexes, men and women, with the aim of joy and reproduction in the relationship of marriage alone. Marriage can therefore only exist between a man and a female, and it is on this basis alone that children should be conceived and families educated. As early as 2015, the school had made its views on marriage public, before the teacher who claimed it was last reinstated in 2016. then.

As many remember, the school had to close temporarily after vandals targeted the school after publicly opposing marriage equality. Recently, the media reported a critical test against Ballarat Christian College in Victoria.In stories in the Herald-Sun and The Australian, copies below, report on the complaint filed in the Victorian civil and administrative court by a former teacher of the school, the teacher claims that the school discriminates against her because of her political and religious beliefs that involve support for same-sex marriage , according to the article published in the Herald-Sun.