Asic Electronic Lodgement Protocol Participation Agreement

ASIC`s Electronic Call Protocol (ELP) sets out the conditions for submitting electronic documents to ASIC. Accountants, accountants and audit firm employees who continue to train in governance processes to better manage their clients` compliance work and ASIC submissions. Allianz Insurance plc Premium Payment Plan Application Premium Payment Plan How does the plan work? The premium instalment plan is a credit contract. Your bonus will be available in 12, 6 or 4 members of the voluntary liquidation appointment package this package contains the necessary instructions and basic documentation, to assist in the convening of a meeting of members to allow a company CONTENT PAGE SSM e-lodgement SERVICES 2 REGISTRATION OF MYGOVERMENT PORTAL/PUBLIC SERVICE PORTAL (PSP) USER 8 REGISTRATION OF SSM SUBSCRIBER 9 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 10 PAYMENT METHODS: 10 SECTION A: CREDIT MELBOURNE VIC 3000 GPO BOX 9827, Melbourne VIC 3001 DX 423 Melbourne Phone: `61 3 9280 3200 Facsimile: `61 3 9280 3444 11 February Dear Sir/Madame Important Information: Financial Advisor 5 Q. Can I still receive annual plans on EDGE if I log in for the use of the portal for registered agents? If the agent is registered for the use of EDGE and the ASIC Registered Agent portal, the annual return package (ASP) is sent to both services. It is recommended that agents do not open annual return packages (ASPs) in the reporting agent`s inbox for data to be forwarded to EDGE. If the DSP is entered first by EDGE, the PSP remains available on the ASIC Registered Agent portal. If the DSP is detected first through the ASIC registered agent portal, the ASP is not available in EDGE. Q: Can I submit documents outside the six-month EDGE expiration date? No, you cannot submit a form on EDGE if the date of signature (authorization by the holder) has increased from more than 6 months. In this case, you must obtain a more recent authorization from the holder to file the form. 2 ONLINE SERVICES Q. What is online services? When we refer to online deposit services, we explicitly refer to them; the ASIC registration agent portal, which is available on the ASIC website, or EDGE Service, supported by commercial software providers.

We require registered agents to use one of these services to facilitate the submission of four serial forms (forms 484, 6010, 205A and 362) as of October 1 Q. How can I register for online services? To register for the ASIC Registered Agent portal, you must complete, print and sign the RC99 ASIC ASIC Electronic Lodgement Protocol Participation Agreement form. The completed form can be supplemented with the necessary documentation. We will contact you through the designated address on the application, which will confirm that online access has been granted. To sign up for EDGE services, you must submit an application to EDGE to participate.