Agreement On Direct Payments

This ensures that the money you receive for direct payment can be identified separately from your personal finances. You can get free advice and help setting up your direct payments from Leonard Cheshire Disability, a charity that helps people with disabilities in the UK. Visit them online or meet in person at your office in Hertfordshire in Hitchin. If you ask us to consider direct payments, the competent expert will discuss with you: you can use your direct payments to pay for a personal assistant to help your child access activities such as swimming, music and fit. Direct payments are usually made 4 weeks a week in advance to your separate bank account. You will receive all the contact information for the finance brokerage team in your welcome letter. You must keep receipts and records of what you spend, as explained in the legal agreement. You must also send us the monitoring information in a timely manner. Opens in a new window: :- : – Available for families to read before confirming that they wish to continue with direct payments. You can use your direct payments to pay for a personal assistant who can take your child to activities and clubs, help with vital skills, such as preparing for adulthood, or help at home. Some people say that this is what gives them the most control over the help they receive.

If you receive a personal budget for your child or teen, a direct payment is one way to manage the money. The child and youth brokerage team can help you and provide you with information about direct payments. You can email us at or call 01438 844254. Direct payments are usually intended for children who have very complex needs and need specific support. Dosh – Financial Advocacy is an organization that helps people with disabilities learn how to manage their money. They also help a young person manage their own direct payments. They are asked to set up a separate current account with a UK clearing bank or mortgage bank, which can only be used for direct payments. They will also sign and return to a legal agreement on direct payment. A copy of the legal agreement is kept by the Council`s brokerage team. Finished by the person receiving the payments to create a separate bank account for the money to be deposited.

This is concluded for each guardian who is employed by direct payments. This form must be completed with the supervisor and returned to Council. These documents apply to all direct bulk payments. Pooling funding means that you take some of your direct payments and add them to the funding of one or more people to acquire a common service. You will also assess whether you or your young man are ready and able to handle direct payments with adequate support. Direct payments start from the date on which the DBS check/declaration is completed and all completed documents have been received by the SEND brokerage team for children and adolescents. If you have an EHCP and receive direct payments for educational purposes, you can receive direct payments until the end of the PEQE (even if it lasts beyond 18) if the provision covered by the direct payment is agreed….