Agreement In Mathematics

The quota of specialists participating in the exchange shall be set by the Cooperation Work Programme. Additional agreements may be concluded on the basis of separately agreed agreements. In the implementation of cooperation within the framework of this Agreement, the Parties shall be guided by the basic provisions of the legal document currently in force, namely: the agreement between the governments of the two countries on scientific, educational and cultural ties, as well as other long-term documents defining the legal basis for relations BETWEEN RUSSIA and TURKEY. The procedures for exchange visits will be in line with the agreed cooperation work programme. The Faculty of Mathematics is part of the following international agreements: a) exchanges of faculties, scientists and doctoral students for courses, advanced studies and research. . . . Conceived below as the four partners, they agree on the following Cooperation Protocol (PfC), with the aim of strengthening scientific cooperation at international level. The agreement is drawn up in two (four) copies in English, each having the same legal force. . In line with the common desire to continue scientific and technical interaction and cooperation between the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, and the Middle East Technical University, Turkey, the two institutions agree to conclude this Formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the purpose of scientific and cultural exchanges. (d) organisation of joint bilateral symposia, workshops and conferences.

. . . The Krasnojarsker National Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russia) e) exchange visits of faculty members of both institutions. Teachers and researchers attend universities on both sides to conclude academic contracts, give lectures or participate in research activities within the framework of a programme jointly defined by the universities. Depending on the nature of the study, these visits can vary from one to twelve months. For the purposes of exchange within the meaning of Article 2, universities shall themselves bear the travel costs of their own teachers and researchers, accommodation and maintenance costs shall be borne by the host university itself. Universities will make the best use of their rules and regulations to provide visitors with the necessary support to facilitate their studies in the new environment. A work programme, drawn up for a maximum period of three years and signed by appropriate representatives of the participating universities, shall establish a list of the specific projects to be carried out within the framework of the cooperation, together with the timetable for the completion of the projects and organisational procedures. The programme of work shall form an integral part of this Agreement. If necessary, the Parties shall send delegations of two persons for stays of up to ten days, in order to agree on scientific research topics and specific conditions for research on such subjects, to sign work programmes, to analyse the progress made in the implementation of the Agreement and to exchange proposals on other subjects as a basis for further cooperation.

f) the implementation of common and integrated programmes for doctoral students. . All other points describing cooperation between universities are defined and included in this Protocol if necessary. . . .